Livery News


I want to update everyone on whats new and happening at Worton to date. The team 'my girls' are doing a fabulous job as always, the horses are happy and the yard has never looked better. Last week Holly completed a three day first aid course in Kidlington so is fully in the know and on board with all things AID, Please trust her with your life however please try not to 'exercise' her new skills too often!

We have now sold our old arena surface and now that the new fencing has been installed we can't wait for the 'Arena Surfaces' to install the new surface as of tomorrow, their digger arrived today prompting much excitement among us! This time next week we will have a brand new surface for everyone to enjoy!

My favourite time of year, spring is well and truely here, the days are longer, the sun is shinning and the grass is growing! i love it. All the horses here are doing great, many clients are enjoying regular lessons and are continuing to improve with lots of competition success too. I'm so glad everyone is making the most of their furry beasts. We have welcomed some really lovely new clients this year and are so pleased they've all settled in so well.

As for my furry beasts, Sonic unfortunatey has had a rough couple of months due to having a couple of fractured teeth removed as he was struggling to eat, the operation went well however with his immunity very low he unfortunately sufferd from pneumnia, I can't thank Karolina from Bourton Vale enough for all her care and support throughout his treatment, she did a faultless job and i can very happily say that he is back to his old self, Sonic will be 24 next month and we have decided to fully retire him now, he owes me nothing! 

Mr Forrest is doing well, at the beginning of the year we did our first couple of Elementary tests scoring mid 70's in both, he is really growing into himself, he feels increasingly stronger and more confident in himself all the time. 

My super star Bear is feeling a million dollars, he's never felt so willing and capable in his work, he's really enjoying himself and the collected and extended work is becoming easier for him too. Im so excited for our future together and feel incredibly lucky to own such a clever and willing boy. 

Finally some sad but exciting news, after much deleiberation i decided not to enter the BD Winter Championships with Bear, for the best reason possible though, my husband and i are expecting our first baby ealry summer and with my increasingly sizeable bump i've decided to wind my riding down over the next few weeks so we can all enjoy a well deserved rest and so i can start learning about being a mum to the two legged type! so sadly our successful Regional outing will be my last for a few months but i hope to be back on board as soon as i can.

Exciting times ahead as always, will keep you updated over the next few months