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What a wonderful Summer


First show with Bear since the birth of my baby girl Bailey Laura Pharaon, Bear was super, i was worried he would be a bit fresh but he kept his cool to score 72% and 74% + to win both Medium classes qualifying him for the regionals in just one outing which is handy when you have a new baby!

Now looking forward to do our first Advanced Medium and campaigning Forrest at Novice and Elementary.

Livery News



I want to update everyone on whats new and happening at Worton to date. The team 'my girls' are doing a fabulous job as always, the horses are happy and the yard has never looked better. Last week Holly completed a three day first aid course in Kidlington so is fully in the know and on board with all things AID, Please trust her with your life however please try not to 'exercise' her new skills too often!